Tubal Litigation Reversal : An Overview

The Tubal litigation is a surgical method that is used to block or close the woman’s fallopian tubes so that the eggs that are released from ovaries do not enter the uterus and therefore the sperms cannot reach the egg. The primary purpose for this surgery is to prevent the pregnancy. If after the surgery, a woman intends to become pregnant again then she needs tubal reversal litigation. In this surgery, the fallopian tubes of a woman are untied, reopened, or reconnected so she can become pregnant again. Image

Whether a woman can get the tubal reversal surgery or not is dependent upon several factors that are judged by her respective health care provider. Among these factors are following: age, kind of tubal litigation surgery one has before, overall health, and health of uterus, ovaries, and remaining fallopian tubes. Ideal candidate for getting this reversal surgery is a woman who only had minor parts of the fallopian tubes removed, or clips or rings were actually used to close tubes. According to many doctors, ideal women for the surgery are those who are under 40 years of age and had a sterilized surgery that was done immediately after they gave birth to a child.

Women should normally consult their doctor about where the surgery can be done. It is normally carried out in a hospital or outpatient center. The patient will be given a general anesthesia so that she feels pain-free during operation. The proper procedure about the how the surgery can be done is different in many cases so the couple should consult their doctor if they have questions about the surgical method. Additionally, the recovery from the surgery also depends upon the surgical method performed on the tubal reversal. According to some doctors, this is a very abnormal surgery and recovery period may take more than 4 days for some women. Prescriptions about the painkillers will be given by the doctors afterwards that the women should take for managing any discomfort.

For women, whose remaining fallopian tubes are healthy and do not have any infertility issues, then they have good chances of becoming pregnant again after the tubal reversal litigation. Among the main risks for this surgery are bleeding, damage to nearby organs, infection, and reactions to anesthesia. As far as the cost of this reversal surgery is concerned, the insurances do not normally cover this procedure. On the other hand, this surgery is a bit expensive where the patient might be charged several thousand dollars for the surgery.

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